About Us


Hey there, I want to welcome you to my little emoji store :) My name's Brandon and this is my little one-man show. I LOVE emoji's, almost as much as I live keepin' my battery alive!

Long-road trips have taught me and my girlfriend many a hard lesson. i.e. if you break down in the middle of nowhere it's super-useful to have a phone that's actually working.

She happened to have this tiny-teeny half functioning power bank, it saved us that day. Seriously!

And from there power-emoji's were born! 

If you're anything like me - and think that small power banks and big blocky one's with no personality SUCK...then well - you're in the right place

My Purpose

I'm here to deliver you super-duper chargers that mean you can snapchat, instagram and selfie your morning, afternoon and night away. Dodge meetings, skip class, don't lift weights in the gym. Just annihilate your phone's battery all day knowing that power-emoji's INSANE battery life has gotcha covered :)

We Bring Emoji Power...

I put my blood, sweat and tears into this to make sure you've got the most premium power banks on the block - packed into the most loveable power banks that you'll heart forever. 

I'm talking everything getting some love. From your phones, tablets and gadgets.

Woop woop!

Why My Emoji Power Banks Rock!

I've been working hard to put build my beautiful little corner of the web for you and every inch of these Power Emoji's have been designed with YOU in mind. Emoj's just rock right? They give you AT LEAST one full charge and they feel beautiful to hold. Gorgeous.

So. This is us! Haha. Thanks for reading.

Your friend,